Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Melange Perfume Collection


Luxurious notes artfully blended in a base of natural Beeswax and Jojoba Oil. A perfect solid perfume that glides onto the skin and disperses the fragrance notes beautifully.


Asian Pear - a crisp, sweet Pear that is a favorite of fruit fragrance aficionados.

Plum Blossom - crisp Ume Japanese Plum with sparkling floral and citrus notes.


Amber & Santal - opulent Amber with rich Sandalwood.

Tobacco Leaf - aromatic and fragrant. A rich single note that is beautiful alone or blended.

Santal, Lily & Tonka - singular beauty of the Casablanca Lily paired with rich Sandalwood and Tonka Bean.


Pomegranate & Grapefruit - our signature crisp Pomegranate with fresh Grapefruit. A perfect balance of citrus and fruit.

Mix and Match to custom create your own scent. We've got 9 blends already that are amazing!

Melange Roll-On Perfumes are inspired by our clients most coveted fragrance notes in custom blending. Alcohol free, our perfume oils are formulated in a natural base of Coconut Oil Fractions which leave the integrity of the fragrance notes intact and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, a natural antioxidant which adds a rich dimension to the perfume. The .25 ounce size is perfect for travel or a handbag.


Blend No. 8:Amber, Vanilla Orchid, Plum Blossom - opulent Amber paired with notes of sweet Vanilla Orchid and fresh Ume Plum Blossom. Warm and very modern.

Blend No. 13: Amber Chocolate, Guava, Gardenia - sweet Amber and rich dark Chocolate with a top note of fresh Guava and warm Gardenia.-

Blend No. 14: Plum Blossom & Tobacco Leaf - fruit and floral notes of fragrant Ume Plum, a winter-blooming Asian Plum with base notes of Tobacco Leaf, Black Tea and crisp Currant.


Blend No. 3: Japanese Tea Rose & Sakura Blossom - Japanese Tea Rose, a light & powdery rose with fresh green notes blended with fragrant Sakur Blossom, also known as Cherry Blossom. One imagines celebrating the Hanami, gathering under the Cherry Blossom trees in bloom to take in the fragrance and admire their beauty.

Blend No. 5: Tahitian Gardenia & White Tea - also known as Tiare, fragant Tahitian Gardenia is native to Polynesia. Once reserved for Island nobility, these blossoms are celebrated in the wedding lei and prized by Gardenia lovers. Blended with a top note of fresh White Tea.

Blend No. 7: Iris & Peony - the rich floral fragrance of Iris flowers paired with sparkling, fresh Peony. A favorite of traditional fragrance lovers.