Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Am A PeaceKeeper (Preview)...Coming Soon!

Eco Sensual Lip Balm is clear and moisturizes your lips with natural ingredients! Both men and women love this eco-friendly moisturizing natural lip balm. No need to make your own lip balm with our 100% VEGAN and 73% ORGANIC balm that is already in the tube. Made with Essential Oil of Spearmint and Organic Coconut Oil, so it's better than the chapstick at the store. You'll love this Lip Balm!

We'll keep you posted when the entire collection and other flavors land in-store!

Creamy, Deeply Moisturizing, Rich in Pigments, Sensual

PeaceKeeper’s Lip Paints were nominated as finalist for “Best Lip Product of the Year” by Cosmetics Executive Woman (CEW). 12 pigments to choose from! Fabulous!!!