Friday, September 10, 2010

NEW LoLLIA mini travel perfume!

1" tall by 0.75" wide / 0.25 ounces

A floral fragrance impression of the most beautiful day imaginable. Flowering Willow & Lotus float in, then flutter away — a trace of Orchid on their wings. Breezy Rice Flower and warm Coconut Milk mix with dew drop notes of Mandarin & Jasmine petals. Not a cloud in sight: a sun dappled, sophisticated scent.

Blossoming branches delicately surround this peaceful bird.

IN LOVE (Classic Petal)
0.625"square x 1.25h / 0.625 oz

A modern interpretation of a sheer romantic floral with delicate infusions of Apple Blossom kissed sweetly by Jasmine, floating upon the breath of the truest Living Rose.

Strikingly romantic. As pretty as a rose. An intricately styled motif of In Love’s beautiful smoke, earthen slate and white roses adorn this elegant Eau de Parfum bottle, perfect for a luxurious boudoir.

BELIEVE (Cabbage Rose & Citrus)
1" long x 1.75" tall / 0.125 ounces

Delicate Rose water, red Apple and Bergamot, a whisper of warm Jasmine, dewy Plum and Cedarwood.

A mini version of the Believe Eau de Parfum. Cabbage Roses and vines silkscreened an elegant glass perfume bottle with a Lollia love letter silkscreened on the inside.

.75" diameter x 1.75" tall / 0.125 ounces

Peony, White Lily, with fresh top notes of Grapefruit and Orange and leafy green notes.

A mini version of Breathe Eau de Parfum. Silk screened glass with delicate floating peony design. Satin ribbon with cut glass crystal.

1"h x 7/8"square / 0.125 ounces

Serene meadows of blooming, honey sweet Hyacinth, earthen rooted Vetivir and fresh cut Iris. Cooled by setting Citrus sun and delicate floral waters.

Calm sets a tone of inner peace. Sophisticated real platinum feathers float delicately on Calm's weighted glass Eau de Parfum bottle with soft rounded shoulders, perfectly proportioned to sit in the palm of your hand.